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Select ‘Register’ on the top right hand side of the home page or click on New Registration is Fast and Free, and complete the online registration form. After sharing your basic information, a verification email will be sent. Once you’ve confirmed your identity, you are ready to:

  • Use Cyclone Auctions
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  • Add items to your store (If the store is setup for you)
Some Internet Service Providers run slower than others. Whereas most emails arrive in seconds, some can take minutes or even hours. Occasionally, the email might be blocked by your provider. It is also possible that you entered your email address incorrectly.

If you have not received your CycloneAuctions.com welcome email within 15 minutes, please call our support desk at 1-866-298-0148 or send us a text message at 570-764-5493 and once of our agents will be most happy to assist you with getting your account activated and ready to use.